Charter School Basics: Reasons For Charter School Start-Up

The first charter school in the United States opened in Minnesota in 1992. Since that day, charter schools have become a mainstream educational solution across the country. In fact, new charter schools open up regularly as people find that they have a vision to make something different. If you've been thinking about starting a charter school, it's important to consider your drive and your goals. Here are a few of the most common reasons why people launch charter schools. Read More 

Did Your Kid Recently Get An ADHD Diagnosis? 3 Reasons To Consider Children’s Non-Medicated ADHD Treatment

An ADHD diagnosis often gives families answers about their kid's behavior and progress in academic settings. Yet, you might also find that hearing that your kid has ADHD also brings up new questions. One of the first things you'll need to do now is start working with your kid's care team to find a treatment plan that helps them manage their attention and ability to focus on tasks. Children's non-medicated ADHD treatment is an option that you can explore for these benefits that help your kid reach their fullest potential. Read More