Debating Catholic School with Your Non-Catholic Spouse? Factors to Discuss

In today's day and age, it is not uncommon for a devout Catholic to marry someone of another faith or denomination. Such marriages can be quite successful but also can be somewhat complicated in nature. This is especially true when the couple decides to have and raise children together. If you are a Catholic with a non-Catholic spouse, and your child is about to reach school age, you may find yourself wondering what to do about their education in terms of Catholic school versus public or non-Catholic private school. You and your non-Catholic spouse may differ on your opinions on this matter. To help yourself better discuss the issue with your spouse, get to know some of the factors to consider when making your school choice so that you and your spouse can make the best possible decision for your child.

Catholic Schools Set Rigorous Academic Standards

If you are looking to ensure that your child gets an education that gives them a leg up on the competition when it comes to college acceptance, scholarships, and even success in future careers, then Catholic school may be one of the best options for your child. Catholic schools often have some of the most academically rigorous programs available.

These schools generally excel above the national average in terms of standardized test scores and other performance metrics. This means that your child can receive their education from highly qualified instructors who can help them reach their academic potential.

You Do Not Have to Be Catholic to Attend Catholic School

Another important factor to consider, especially when your spouse is not Catholic, is that not all students who attend a Catholic school are Catholic themselves. In fact, a wide variety of students from different religions and backgrounds can and do attend catholic schools.

This means that if your spouse is unsure as to whether or not they want your child to be Catholic or want to ensure that your child is free to make their own decisions about their faith, attending Catholic school will not seal the religious deal one way or the other. Faith is a part of going to Catholic school, and students are given the opportunity to explore that faith through classes, worship, and the like. However, a student does not necessarily need to be catholic to enjoy these benefits and can still explore other faiths and other religions if they want to expand their horizons.

These are two of the most important factors to discuss when you are debating with your non-Catholic spouse about whether to send your child to Catholic school or not. Focus on the benefits that such a school can provide and listen to and address your spouse's concerns so that you can both be sure that you are making the right educational decision for your child.  

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