How To Help Your Child Improve His Or Her Rhyming

If you have a teenager that is very interested in poetry, you might have to deal with a lot of sub-par rhyming. This can be frustrating for you if your child wants to share a lot of his or her poems with you. However, you can help improve your child's rhyming in a variety of ways. This will help your child be a lot more successful with writing poetry and increase the chances that he or she will continue to write poetry in the future. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Get Board Certification In Cardiovascular Disease

Doctors have the option to specialize in a certain area or to become a general practitioner. Internal medicine is one area of specialization. There are also subspecialties under this area like cardiology. A cardiologist does not have to be certified in surgery, but must obtain a board certification in cardiovascular disease. This is a long process. Here are three things you need to be board certified. Pass All Parts Of The USMLE Read More 

4 Ways Preschools Can Address Dental Hygiene

When selecting your child's preschool, there are many aspects that you should consider, including cost, safety, and curriculum. While interviewing staff and asking questions, there is one area of hygiene and basic care that many parents overlook: dental hygiene. However, children can get cavities from poor dental hygiene as soon as their teeth begin to erupt. For this reason, it is important that your child's preschool has a method to teach dental hygiene skills while also keeping students' teeth healthy during the daily program. Read More 

Toys That Teach: Examples Of “Basic Life Skill Toys” You Probably Played With As A Kid

All toys teach. That is their purpose. Even if a toy does not appear to have any intrinsic educational value, there is still something to be learned from it (e.g., sharing it with others). However, there are several toys that teach children basic life skills. These basic life skills toys taught you, your parents and even your grandparents how to tie laces, lace up a shoe (or corset!), button buttons, zip zippers, snap snaps and unlock locks. Read More 

Drone Training Programs: 3 Tips To Help You Get Certified For Commercial Drone Use

Technology for radio controlled crafts has improved, which has also opened up a market for hobby drones. But new laws are starting to be put in place to govern unmanned aircraft. If you want to use a drone for commercial or recreational use, you will want to get ahead of the laws and get certified. Here are some tips that can help you get a head start on your drone certification for commercial drone piloting: Read More